Beyond Asana is not a studio. Beyond Asana is a movement.

Yes, the opening was a bit dramatic but I’m sure I got your attention. Brittany here. I will be with you through your journey of the landscape of this website. Beyond Asana came to me during a not so quiet meditation. The words bubbled up and planted themselves right in front of me. And I noticed. Beyond Asana is the way I choose to live my life and if you are already intrigued it may be how you live your life too.



Over the last ten years of teaching and practicing yoga, I have become less and less interested in mastering the asana or getting my body into the most impressive postures. Yes, alignment is super important but not to create perfection. It is important to keep us safe so we can move on to the deeper stuff. My passion has migrated towards the emotion of the practice and the energy it taps me into. I’m curious what happens when we stay in these poses (or asanas) and our “stuff” starts to come up. I’m curious what happens when we leave the mat, the yoga studio or in my case (as pictured above) the crazy magical tree. To me, the real practice is BEYOND the ASANAS (get it??) and what they help create: awareness, consciousness and ultimately deep trust in love.

It is my commitment to myself, to you and to my purpose to entrench everything I do (especially my teaching) with this consciousness and concept. Everything I talk about and teach is from my complete experience and passion. These concepts can so easily sound life metaphors. Trust me, this is REAL. And once we respect and celebrate the deeper understanding of our own truth we can then LIVE it. And living it is pretty damn amazing.

Are you feeling me? Then you are in the right place. Are you super annoyed or bored? Yup, you are in the right place too. Keep reading…